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OPEX Canada is in the Solutions Business. We solve common business problems as well as unique challenges faced by a variety of types & sizes of organizations throughout Canada and the United States, helping them to adapt to new business paradigms and evolve into excellence.

Our operations improvement & cost reduction solutions will empower your organization to become more profitable, easier to manage and better prepared to handle new growth opportunities.

We will help you turn your company around in less time & for less money than any of the large consulting firms and we'll do it in a way that honors the people in your organization and what they've contributed over the years.


Thank you for visiting Opex Canada. On behalf of our team, we wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year. May 2011 deliver abundance and prosperity to your organization.

Over the past number of weeks, Opex has been extremely busy. We’ve been conducting an Opex Business Tune-Up on ourselves. (Yes, we “Opexed” ourselves!) What we uncovered through our review of hundreds of emails and telephone discussions is that we could simplify how we start working with you, our customer.

We tended to jump right into our company-wide solutions mode through business check-ups, on site visits, departmental reviews, detailed reports, and on and on.

You asked for a less involved way to start working with us, something with a quicker turn-around, and a more reasonable starting investment, as well as a guarantee. We’re listening.

Our New Year’s Resolution is to simplify all aspects of our business model so we can help more companies like yours.

Effective January 1st, 2011, Opex Canada introduces two new programs that address your concerns about creating an entry-level package with a quick turnaround time and lower starting rate:

To Get to Know Us Better

  • We have assisted business leaders optimize, grow and sell their organizations from between $8-million to just under $1 billion dollars.

  • Our customized system and process solutions have helped companies process and verify in excess of 10 million applications per year.

  • We help a company achieve its visions and goals in less time, always producing a significant Return on Investment.

  • We are not traditional consultants or pseudo-employees: we honor our commitments, produce results, assist your people to get up to speed with the changes, and then we step away. Though we are only a phone call away for assistance.

  • We never subscribe to an 'it can't be done' philosophy, we believe and live by a 'No Excuses, Just Results' approach.

Please take a little time to look at our Case Studies of Proven Performance. We have over 15 cases in a variety of industries that show you we know how to help companies turn challenge into opportunity.

We also have a selection of Articles on Learning Excellence that will help you start to see through our eyes and gain the mindset of Operational Excellence.

You can learn more about our Services and Solutions, and more about us, who we serve and why we do it.



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