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Who We Are?

OPEX Canada is run by its Chief Solutions Officer (CSO), David Balaban. Me. The ‘we’ in “Who We Are”, refers to myself and the consultants, teams and partners who help OPEX as a whole achieve results for our clients.

Who is David Balaban?

Over the past 20 years, I’ve owned and partnered in several 7-figure businesses in various industries: Telecommunications, Energy, Health, Dentistry and Home Security. I’ve held a number of senior executive titles: both ‘C’ level titles as well as SVP. My role, my expertise and my passion have always centered around operations: saving organizations money thus driving profitability. Truly, a CSO.

I create systems where there are no systems; I can improve processes when others have failed; and, I can make things better always resulting in significant, measurable improvements in the prosperity of the companies I’ve owned and worked with.

I’ve developed strategic plans, revitalized business processes, created turnkey infrastructures, outsourced operations, implemented leading-edge technology, optimized workflow, managed intricate corporate projects, and enhanced customer relationships.

I believe in a philosophy centered on providing “no excuses….. just results.” Far too many consultants end a meeting with an “it can’t be done” attitude. OPEX prides itself in both its determination and ability to provide a solution that is satisfactory to all parties.

Executive Business Coach &
Change Management Consultant

Guy Reichard, MBA

My right hand man is Guy Reichard who helps our clients (and myself) embrace change and overcome the uncertainty that comes with business & process improvements of any kind.

Guy helps clients achieve more clarity and focus so they can be more productive, while increasing levels of leadership, accountability & integrity in upper level management (owners, executives, managers) so they can inspire confidence, trust & peace of mind throughout the organization.

Helping our clients not only achieve their improvement goals and objectives but doing so in a way that supports and enhances the atmosphere & culture within the company brings us the highest levels of satisfaction.

Why We Do It?

Because it’s a rush! We love creating something out of nothing. Order out of chaos. The more we help others achieve their goals through relationship building as opposed to selling, the more passion we have for our business. we thrive on helping people and their businesses reach higher goals (and make more money).

I personally started OPEX Canada as a way to spread my arms and reach a wider audience of business owners, including small business owners who could use my help in improving operations and business processes, cost reduction and profit improvement.

I believe there are many good businesses out there but few are great and many are in real trouble. What sets apart the great ones from both the good and the bad is that they’re the ones that are constantly seeking to improve what they already do well. In the areas that aren't core competencies, they outsource to great partners. The difference is knowing what you’re good at and when to ask for help for the areas you’re not.

Who Opex Works With

I’ve generally worked with large organizations in the past – energy, health, manufacturing etc. and will continue to serve organizations up to $100MM, 1000 employees.

But since starting OPEX, I’ve had the opportunity to serve smaller businesses ($1-2MM+) and have had some incredible experiences in this area. I find that working directly with the owners or major stakeholders to help them get over their most challenging problems and taking them to the next level is very rewarding.

With that said, we serve businesses that:

  • Earn between $500K/yr & $100MM/yr

  • Lead between 5-100 employees

  • Have operation/process issues they are willing to solve and,

  • Are brave enough to ask for help

How We Work?

“Blank Page Methodology”

We come in without any preconceived methodologies or solutions. We do not try to push the latest and greatest management strategies and tactics on you. We ask a lot of questions first and we listen.

As we assess your business, we identify and evaluate:

  • current and future visions, goals and objectives

  • your business model

  • noticeable challenges in operations, processes, systems

  • perceived threats - internally and externally

  • potential opportunities both internally and externally

We work with you to identify and prioritize the areas that require the most attention and proceed to develop the strategic plan and solutions and how to achieve your goals while overcoming the typical resistance to change that is typical within most organizations.

Thank you for choosing to learn more about OPEX. We look forward to working with you.

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