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Case Studies

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We're proud of the results we've achieve for our clients. The following are case studies that serve as a sample of the many business, process, performance & profit improvement projects we've worked on in the past.

Let us help you achieve these kind of results now.



Problem: The customer’s receivables were too high yet their monthly revenue was disproportionately low.

Approach: We performed a complete audit of their billing platform and associated audit controls to find the root of the problem.

Discovery: We identified that only 10% of their billing cycle being transmitted to their print vendor was accepted. The other 90% was rejected and thus not printed or ever dispatched to the customer. Revenues simply were not collected.

Solution: We fixed the transmission problem and placed audit controls to ensure the entire process was checked and balanced along the way.

Results: We reclaimed $5-Million Dollars.



Problem: Customer in United Kingdom had extensive concerns regarding call duration on average at 12 minutes per customer.

Approach: We shadowed Customer Service Reps for a few days.

Discovery: We noted unusually high call durations due to multiple systems being accessed to find customer information.

Solution: We designed a proprietary application to house all data in one system with easy access. We also redesigned scripting and work-flow.

Results: Call duration dropped to approximately 2-3 minutes per call plus 1 minute wrap time. A 300% improvement saving the company a significant amount of revenue.


Home Security

Problem: Numerous customer complaints regarding installation delays for a security company.

Approach: Prepared a detailed work flow analysis.

Discovery: Once we took a look at the whole process we realized that these delays were unnecessary. Due to a constant backlog at one of their suppliers, the client always waited for back-up batteries until it performed the installation.

Solution: We negotiated with a new vendor for a weekly supply in exchange for favorable billing terms. Faster installation equates to faster first payment.

Results: Installation process reduced from 14 days to 48 hours. Increased productivity. Cash flow commenced on average 12 days earlier.



Problem: The state of Georgia required its natural gas marketers to render their own customer invoices prior to marketing in the region. In addition, we had to scale up the call center to handle an increase from 2,000 calls per month to 12,000 calls per month.

Approach: Within 8 weeks we had to research, identify and implement a billing platform in order for our client to commence marketing in Georgia and develop a solution to handle the increased call volume.

Solution: Vendor identified and system installed and tested within 8 weeks. Call centre prepared for volume increase.

Results: Seamless transition. Client first at the gate to market and enjoyed a strong competitive advantage over other marketers.



Problem: Back office processing department was not keeping up with front office sales and agent commissions.

Project: A process audit revealed the cause of the problem was due to poor data management.

Solution: We devised, coordinated and implemented a new proprietary application that managed all aspects of the business – merging voice, data and images into one flexible ‘mission-control’ customer service panel where every bit of information on a customer was accessible at the push of a button.

Results: The back office did not have to worry about sales counts thereafter. Commissions (up to 10 payout levels) were paid, on-time, every-time. New territories were opened without delay or production ramifications. The company was sold for just under $1-Billion Dollars.



Problem: The client purchased 3 separately owned Dental Clinics and required amalgamation.

Project: Engaged to provide an analysis of the purchase of 3 separate dental clinics and amalgamating them into one cohesive practice.

Method: Identified the following areas of exposures and created a "Business Vision Plan":

  • Space analysis
  • Hardware review
  • Application review
  • Audit control review
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Financial Review (commissions, expenditures, inventory control)
  • Roles and responsibilities analysis
  • Employment Contracts

Results: Immediate review of patients that have not received oral hygiene in the past 12 months generated a call list of 1,000 customers (20% update at $200 each = $40,000 found dollars in 24 hours).


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