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Simplifying How You Get Things Done

At Opex Canada, we believe that the old adage is true: a picture really is worth a thousand words. We even take it to the next level and believe that a picture is worth thousands of dollars on your company’s bottom line. Experience has shown us, on a client by client basis, that if you can’t see a business process, you won’t know how to improve it.

The Go With the Flow business process mapping service helps companies (existing and new) get a graphical view of their current business processes and a new and improved vision of how things could look after some improvements.

In the past, our clients contacted us for help with specific business operations problems. For example:

  • One client’s sales cycle was too long and their customers were complaining that it took a week to get their product. After working with them, we created a way to have it delivered next day. 

  • Another client was ready to invest in the expansion of their production facilities to make room for more equipment and staff all with the goal of increasing output. We managed to improve their processes so they now produce 2-million more products per year, all without expanding his facilities or number of staff.

  • One client even complained to us that their customer base was getting angry because they felt they had to ‘jump through hoops’ to get what they wanted from the company, even when it was just a simple request.  We saw the tie-up and bottleneck in their customer service process and helped them create a simplified system for handling such requests the same day.

Some of our projects deal with a completely new sales process for an expanding organization as they roll out to new territories; e.g. how they should process an order from start to finish in the most cost effective and time-efficient manner?  In these cases, we conduct a Business Tune-up, create a process or work flow chart on the challenges today, resolve the challenge, and create a "Vision of the Future Playbook" that we can implement or they can do so on their own.  The process takes several weeks and costs thousands of dollars.

Recently, we’ve made a decision to offer a service to smaller companies and startups that need the help of an operations expert but can’t afford the investment right now. They want to start a new business, a new business or sales process or improve an existing one but they’re fully tapped out and can’t possibly afford the expense of a large consulting contract. That’s how we came up with the "Go with the Flow" program.

Who This is For

Existing Companies
For existing companies looking to improve how they currently get things done or planning on expanding and need help envisioning a new business process or workflow.

For startup companies still in the planning phases who have great ideas and a great team but lack the operational expertise and need help perfecting their process or workflow vision so they can get the best start in their new business.

What You Get

  • A half hour phone discussion to understand your objective (what you are attempting to change or start from scratch)

  • Review of your current process or ideas (combination of phone discussion and any paperwork that you may have on the process)

  • Two Business Process Maps – one of your current process or vision and our Vision of the Future process map that makes suggestions on how to achieve your objective in the fastest, most efficient and cost effective way.

  • A follow up ½ hour phone consultation to discuss your new process map, as well as our findings and suggestions.
When it Used to Take
3-5 Days
Now it Happens the
Same Day, in Real Time

We've made it easier for businesses to get professional and experienced operations advice so you can make more money, save more money and have a business that's easier to manage.

Opex Canada: Simplify, Adapt, Evolve.

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P.S. - Opex will donate 1% of our fee to a local charity of your choice (except to political parties).