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No Upfront Cost Expense Reduction – ‘Legal Ease’

Regarding Payment

We believe that you will be so impressed by our team saving you money, you will feel good to compensate us for our efforts.  Outlined below are some obligations or joint accountabilities that both of us agree to follow.  We are trying to make our programs a “win-win” partnership; you win by reducing your costs (your ultimate goal) and we win by a) feeling good that we helped you b) that we began to build trust with your group c) that we want to ultimately become trusted advisors – the people you call on when you need business advice.  The “Legal Ease”, which is not legalese at all but rather a plan for success so that we can both win.

Opex Canada Ltd’s Obligations:

  1. Upon receiving a detailed expense report (income statement, expense journal or similar) outlining expenses for the past 12 months (or to the best of your ability to do so), Opex Canada will:

    • a) Review all line item expenses provided and create an action plan for your organization. We will generate a report of our findings and begin to seek out vendors that could help you achieve your goal; quality service and products but at a reduced cost structure.

    • b) Our report will be split into two sections: Hard Savings and Soft Savings.

    • c) Hard Savings are those savings that can be recognized immediately: cell phone restructuring, administrative purchasing restructuring, photo copy commitments etc.  Opex will, to the best of its abilities contact existing suppliers/vendors and attempt to obtain better pricing in order for you to achieve savings without sacrificing service interruption.  Where applicable, Opex will even ensure that that paperwork is prepared by the vendor for your review and sign-off.

      Soft Savings are defined as the costs savings that may take longer to implement and are seen in process improvements: outsourcing non-core functions/routines within your organization in order to drive down unit costs. For example, maybe you currently process and data enter all of your orders when it would be more cost effective to outsource that part of your business.  We recognize that soft cost changes are typically cultural changes by nature and may require more thought before implementation.  Nevertheless, we will identify soft cost savings and report on our findings.

  2. Following our analysis and review we will conduct a follow up call of approximately ½ hour in duration.  We will discuss our action plan and suggest the best way to proceed.

Your Obligations:

  1. You must understand that in order for us to make recommendations, we need to know where you currently spend your money.  We need help in doing so.  Therefore, you must commit to provide Opex Canada Ltd with some information.  Income statements, ledgers, journals – anything that you used to track expenses over the past 12 months will help.  You called us to help; we need the documents to do our job.  Please provide your expenses to our email address: expenses@opexcanada.com          as soon as we begin working together.

  2. Agree to Opex sharing specific details (but not disclosing your name) to professional vendors in order to secure better discounts and or savings related to specific volumes or quantities.

  3. Be available.  We may have some questions during our review.  Please be available to answer some questions or designate a team member to do so.  Also, at our “exit” meeting, we will need a half hour of your time to explain your customized playbook and our suggested go forward strategy.

  4. Pay your invoice upon receipt.  We have made this exercise very easy; we only use PayPal as our method of payment, so that means you can use your credit card (and even gain reward points while saving money if your card has that option). We work extremely hard at what we do and we take our business seriously.  Here’s a better understanding of our payment process:

    • a) You will receive your “Opex Playbook” that will be in two sections: Hard Cost Savings and Soft Cost Savings.  In some cases, the Hard Cost Savings will include paperwork from some vendors we have solicited and discussed your requirements (your company name will not be released until you approve and sign off on the selection). 

      Since we always practice what we preach, we have discussed your requirements with no less than 3 vendors.  Our selection to best service your needs will have supplied paperwork your review and signature.  We will discuss the savings and agree to the new value. We may have done this for multiple line items on your account.  Your Playbook will summarize the current costs and revised costs.  At that time, we will agree to all savings and you will have to sign off on the project.  It will be automated for you on our website.  After signoff, you will be directed to our PayPal link for payment.  50% of the annual savings will be the amount invoiced.  Remember, it’s only for the first year; all subsequent years will be YOUR savings.

    • b) Soft savings are on the honour system. Although we will present the savings by outsourcing or in-sourcing a specific process, we understand that you may require more time to do so.  After 30 days we will have a follow up call.  If you implemented our savings, we will invoice you; if not, we won't.  We’re not going to bully you as that does not promote trust; we will not send Crusher, our bill collector after you as that also does not promote trust.  We pick our client’s carefully and we want to do business with honest organizations that exude integrity.  In fact, your experience will be so positive you will want to pay us.  Why?  Because you will want to use us again when another dilemma or challenge to your organization arises.

    • c) That’s all.

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