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Reducing Costs, Increasing Value

The calls we receive for reducing expenses fit into three categories:

  1. One owner is obsessed with expenses and reviews them daily;
  2. The other business leader performs expense reviews at month end;
  3. The final group is from someone who has practically given up. He or she is scared to review their expenses because things never change; everyone wants a piece of their hard earned pie. 

Whatever expense reduction category you fit into, we feel that you will like how we simplify the process of saving you money.

What if, within 48 business hours* (if we have to negotiate with vendors time delays may extend the 48 hour window) , we could review your expenses, report on recommendations, and work in conjunction with your current vendor or provide a new vendor that saves you time and money? 

If we don’t save you money, the cost to you is ZERO. NOTHING. We are so confident in our abilities to simplify your expenses that we are putting our money where our mouth is. 

If we don’t save you money, your Opex invoice is $0.00. If we do save you money, and we talking about significant savings, we will split the first year’s savings with you on a 50-50 basis. 

If we save you $5,000 on an annual basis, you will be invoiced $2,500 once only; YOU KEEP ALL ADDITIONAL SAVINGS IN SUBSEQUENT YEARS.

PLUS - out of our share of the money, we will donate 1% to a local charity of your choice** (we will not donate to political parties).  So, if you are in the computer business, we would donate 1% to a local school to purchase computer equipment for students.  If you are in the pet industry, we’ll donate 1% of your invoice to a local animal shelter.

We feel that our two new offerings (this & Go With the Flow - Simplifying Process Improvement) will help more companies reach their goals more quickly and effectively. We also feel very strongly about giving something back to our communities.

To see how this works and learn what's involved - click here.


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